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*Shipping & Return Policy*

Heavy 16® Bud A

Original price $8.75 - Original price $135.00
Original price
$8.75 - $135.00
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HEAVY 16 Bud A (2-0-3) breaks free from the hype and hassle of other nutrient lines and eliminates the need for excessive additives by utilizing only the highest-grade ingredients in the most scientifically advantageous formulation on the market.

• Professional grade plant nutrients
• Brewed in small batches to ensure quality and freshness
• Can be used in soil and hydroponic gardens
• A complete 2-part nutrient — includes ALL the elements that plants require
• FOUR forms of Calcium for cascading nutrition delivery
• TWO forms of chelated Iron for availability in high pH medias
• Can be combined with other products for fantastic crop customization
• Combines chelated micronutrients for max absorption