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*Shipping & Return Policy*
*Shipping & Return Policy*

Advanced Nutrients® Revive

Original price $23.64 - Original price $80.95
Original price
$23.64 - $80.95
Current price $23.64

It’s called Revive.

And it’s the most trusted plant recovery solution for growers in more than 107 countries, who’ve watched in delight as it restores their plants to peak performance.

See, when you put Revive to work in your garden, you’re getting all the chelated calcium, magnesium, AND iron your plants need to thrive.


You’re getting urea, which gradually releases nitrogen into the nutrient medium, safeguarding optimal levels of this vital nutrient withOUT causing a sudden jump in its concentration levels.

Make no mistake, Revive is the ultimate solution for plants in dire need of first aid.

It’s come to the rescue in the nick of time for thousands of crops across the globe…

And it can do the same for your crop, too.