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*Shipping & Return Policy*
*Shipping & Return Policy*

Advanced Nutrients® PH UP

Original price $15.45 - Original price $213.00
Original price
$15.45 - $213.00
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When you put our pH Up and pH Down to work in your garden…

  • Your cannabis plants will absorb the optimal ratios of nutrients they need to reward you with strong, sturdy plants and huge, high-value flower.
  • You’ll stop making trip after trip to the hydro store . . . JUST to restock on weak chemical formulations
  • And you’ll immediately achieve precise pH levels . . . withOUT harming your plants!

Imagine how great it will feel to gaze at vibrant, green harvests cycle after cycle . . .

And know all your time, money, and effort was worth it . . .

Because your crop effortlessly absorbs the nutrients you feed it.

The bottom line is this . . .

There’s NOTHING more important for cannabis than optimal nutrient absorption.

And there are no adjusters that are more accurate and cost-effective than Advanced Nutrients’ pH Up and Down.

So if you want to walk away from every harvest with absolute confidence that you did everything in your power to provide your plants the nutrients need to thrive . . .