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*Shipping & Return Policy*

Advanced Nutrients® Kushie Kush

Original price $33.37 - Original price $441.50
Original price
$33.37 - $441.50
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Kushie Kush® — The Only Bloom Booster Designed Specifically To Unlock the Genetic Potential of Your Kush

When you put Kushie Kush® to work in your garden, your plants will absorb the optimal levels of phosphorus and potassium for this unique strain.

This kush-specific PK ratio is for producing the highest quality, compound-rich, bud possible, making it great for growing your favorite OG strain.

Imagine walking into your grow in the final week of bloom phase…

And being greeted by a swelling bed of huge, crystal-packed flowers with bright green and purple hues that smells like a fat bag of fresh, crisp money.

The satisfaction that comes with basking in the fruits of your labor.

Nothing compares to cultivating the kind of big, sweet, potent buds that are the envy of other growers.

Don’t wait to discover the difference between generic bloom boosters and a kush-specific solution.